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Message  Caroline le Mer 14 Sep - 21:08

Here are more questions about TV, if you wanna think a bit more about this subject :

• What TV commercials do you like?
  • Why do you like it?
  • Which ones do you hate?

• What's your favorite commercial?
• What is the purpose of advertising a product?
• Do you think there are subliminal messages?
• When you drive or walk, do you get distracted by advertisements on buses or billboards?
• When you go food shopping, do you buy foods you've seen in TV commercials?
• Do you like the _____ advertisements? If not, why? (You can substitute any company's name.)
• Do you think it's right to see naked women in TV commercials selling beauty products?
• What is the most shocking advertisement you have seen?
• What is the funniest advertisement you have seen? Describe it.
• What makes an ad memorable?
• What are the different types of advertising? (Eg. TV, in the street...)
• What types of companies choose each type?
• Do you buy products because of advertising?
• Do you find advertising persuasive?
• Why do you buy one product over another?
• Should advertisers be allowed to advertise to children?
• Should alcohol or tobacco companies be allowed to advertise? Why or why not?
• Which celebrities advertise which products?
• Do favorite or annoying celebrities make you want or not want to buy a product?
• Should there be advertisement-free zones?
• Is there truth in advertising?
• What kind of advertisements attract your attention?
• Why is it necessary to advertise?
• Do you think advertising should be allowed to interrupt TV or radio programs? What are the alternatives?
• What is the best way to advertise to children? Adults? Seniors? etc..
• Do you think advertising is too expensive?
• What are some effective adverts you have seen lately (on TV, newspaper, etc)?
• What are some ineffective adverts you have seen lately?
• Can you remember an advertising campaign that caught your attention?
• What is the most popular way of advertising?
• Do you think that the Internet and cable/satellite TV have become more important than national TV for advertising products?
• How easy do you think it is to influence children with advertising?
• Do you agree with anti-consumerism organizations that the child will have watched 350,000 commercials by the time she graduates from high school?
• Do you think the government has the right to ban advertising for junk food and soda during children's TV programs. What do you think about this? Why do you think they made this decision?
• Do political parties in (country) use TV advertising? If so, should they?
• When out walking or shopping in the city, do you accept advertising fliers or free samples that are offered to you?
• What would make an advertisement more interesting?
• Describe an advertisement that you have seen or heard on the TV or radio. What was it about? How long did the commercial last? Did it make you want to buy the product?
• What differences can you notice between commercials from 10 or 15 years ago and commercials today?
• Do you think ads influence the choices you make when you buy clothes?
• Do you sometimes want very expensive things which you or your parents can't afford?
• Do you think ads influence the choices you make when you or your parents buy food?
• Do you think there are too many ads in television? Why/why not?
• Do you know why some channels have ads and others not? If you do know explain.
• Do you think there are too many ads in magazines? Why/why not?
• Do you think there are too many ads in newspapers? Why/why not?
• When you watch TV, how much attention do you pay to the advertisements?
• Do you think that ads create a desire for more and more material possessions?

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